Madi Cassore
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Madi Cassore
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Hair Color: Brownish red
Eye Color: brown
Birthday: June 21st
Height: 5'2
Weight: 100lbs
Address: 10 Hollywood Boulevard
Occupation(s): Singer
Aliases: Belle
Family & Friends
Family: Justin Cassore(Bro)
Friends: Justin Cassore, Bellona Beyley
Relationships: Single
Enemies: Teachers
Other Information
Interests: Singing
Education: Pacific High
Talent: Singing


  • Hair Colour: Blonde
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Trademark: Rainbow shirts

I look fab all the time.



I don't know her first name so she's Mom. She's nice and she likes me.


It's a crime I don't know my parents first names. Dad is very nice and he likes me too.


My twin bro.


Mom, why did you have me so young? My mom had me and my brother Justin at the age 32 which means shes 54 right now.


I'm the best!


Bellona BeyleyEdit

Best friend


  • I can sing.
  • I am dance a bit.
  • I work at starbucks for a part time job with my bestie Belle.
  • My best friend is Belle Beyley.
  • My brother is Justin Cassore.

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