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• 9/16/2013

The Last of Us

This is a little fan-fiction I'm writing based of off the video game The Last of Us. I apologize if your character is OOC at any given point.
(Note: Some characters will end up existing at certain points of time and guest appearances will occur.)

Ethan Crawford as JoelAnnette Minch as EllieAshley Hale as TessDustin Hawker as TommyThe rest of the cast will be revealed as the story goes on, sorry if this causes any inconvenience for you.

Ethan ran into his house before locking the door and quickly setting the pistol in his hand down on the table. He ran over into the kitchen looking for his phone when Chrissy walked downstairs. "What are you still doing up?" Ethan huffed while he continued to look for his phone. Chrissy held up what appeared to be her brother's phone. "Looking for this?" she asked. He walked over and grabbed his phone from her and began looking through his text messages. "Why - " she was cut off by the sound of something pounding up against the glass door leading outside. At that moment Ethan ran over and grabbed his gun, aiming it towards the door. His sister followed and stood behind him as the glass broke and the 'person' let himself in. "Don't take one more step forward." Ethan said, hoping he wouldn't have to shoot. The person let out a groan as it lunged for Ethan, but it fell short as two bullets were shot into his head."What was that? Why did you shoot him? What's going on?" his sister trailed off after realizing that he wasn't going to answer. All eyes in the room widened as they heard a car horn honk from outside. Ethan ran outside with his sister following behind once again."You got here just in time." Ethan said while getting in the passenger seat. "Yeah, apparently all of this is caused from some gas leak in the middle of town." The male replied. Dustin looked back and saw that Chrissy has let herself into the backseat of his vehicle. "This must be your sister." he said. Ethan nodded, "Yeah, she is. We don't want to stay in one place for too long; I'd start driving."Dustin and Ethan discussed what was going on while their conversations broke out into small arguments over where to turn. After while of trying to drive through town without killing everyone in sight, they heard a loud crash as a semi wrecked into the side of the car.

----------((Author's Note: Sorry if this sucked. Any feedback would be appreciated. ^.^))
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• 7/8/2013


so basically do you mind like suggesting ships and giving me a brief description of their relationship that would be great yeah
js tho i'm in the mood for fluff you know the really blushy blushy hand holding kind of fluff yeah soooo take advantage of my muse while it lasts
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• 7/5/2013

i wanted to do this yep

Okay, so I'm taking requests for ships to write oneshots for. I'll write it and such, but all you have to do is say which ship it is. Credits to Nia/Reffy for this idea because I was stalking VRPW and I was re-reading their fanfics like this there when I decided to do this. Request below, please.
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• 7/4/2013

SUNNY (Revived Version :D)

Okay so basically after the many requests from tori i've decided to join the fanfiction craze and bring back my old fic (SUNNY, ya know the one based off of that korean movie yeah)
but um basically i have to redo the cast so I need a favor from you guys
can you please let me know if i can use your ocs and umm  I need ocs with the following personalities so if you could give me a few suggestions that would be great thanks

Confident, lovable
Confident, bitchy
Kinda stupid, but really sweet
Only cares about themselves and food.
Basically other characters with the same personalities as the ones stated above, bc the girl gang was like anti them otl
oh and if you would like to read the previous chapters then click here
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• 7/4/2013

So um yeah

i hate notepad
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• 7/3/2013

i don't have an original title to put here

This is probably cliche of me to write another one.
But my old one really sucked to me.
And it was really shorttt.
Nia and Corey's were really good thoughhhh.
But here's my fanfic. lol finally

Elliana Leung drew in a breath. It was the start of the 2013-2014 school year, and she hoped it would be without stress. Her old school, Hollywood Arts, had been destroyed in an earthquake, causing much stress to the surviving students.
Meanwhile, Charlotte Fosse, a senior at Pacific High with strict parents, was hoping the same even if it couldn't be. She strolled into the cafeteria, getting lunch for the day and propping down at a table in the back. 
Elphaba Coulter, a junior, followed Charlotte to the back table. "Um, are you sitting here?" she asked with a tint of annoyingness in her voice. She didn't wait for Charlotte to answer and sat next to her.
Jennifer Morris, a senior, sat down next to the senior she recognized as Charlotte and a junior she didn't know. "There's nowhere else to sit," she explained blandly, and the Elphaba nodded sharply.
That was when the lights went out and the room went cold.

The Los Angeles School of the Arts was buzzing with new students, mostly from Hollywood Arts High School, a former performing arts high school north of LASA. Gina Sarille was not one of the newer ones.
Gina headed to her locker, brown hair flying down her back in the latest fashion. She was a junior, finally. She had only came three years ago across the ocean from England.
The California sun soaked Blair Pierce's skin, foarming into a sunburn. She stifled a groan, and shoved her books into her locker. Her annoying siblings had been on her back the whole morning and now there was this.
Ashley Hale headed to her English class, her first period of the day. She was not happy to be back at school, but there were some good things about it. Well, of course, there were always good things about something.
Blair and Gina, not even noticing each other, headed to their first period, math. Blair, dreading to be in her worst subject, finally let out a groan.
But neither of them, Blair or Gina, made it to their math class.
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• 7/3/2013

Rewriting Happily Ever After - A FanFiction

Prologue: Back in Time

It was somewhat of a new technology. Time travel had only been perfected in 2025 and turned into an application on electronic devices on 2030. It was now 2033, 20 years after 2013 Pacific High and LASA students were young and free.
The process of time travel takes a lot of planning. One needs to plan the exact location, time, and pray that they can do everything within the one hour allowed by the government in the past or the future.
But one hot day in 2033, former teenagers got lucky. They all went at the exact same time, and there were no issues. And their travels back to the past?
They changed everything.
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• 7/3/2013

is this even where the thread is supposed to go

...also I'm too lazy to talk to everyone so yep
So I wanted to write a fanfic. this is why this thread is under the fanfic board lulz
And I was wondering if I could use all of your OCs.
So like it's more like a series of one-shots that are all related but ehhh
So the plot is that in the near future, the OCs that I end up using will have time machines, and they go back in time to tell their past selves to do or not to do certain things. Each chapter will feature a certain OC talking to a past self.
For example, future Emily goes back in time to tell past/current Emily not to have le sexy times with Ashton or whatever in the first part of the chapter. And in the second, we see how it affects the space-time-continuam-thing.
So, yeah.
Please tell me which OCs I can use down below. You can tell me to use as many OCs of yours as I want to, or just a certain OC if I have to.
If I don't find a specific plot point or anything to have the future version of your OC talk to your current/past version of your OC to talk about, then I'll just not include them or have them appear in passing mention.
So yeah can i use your ocs
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• 5/28/2013

How It Began: Jess Miers' last few months before rehab

May 18th, 2012; Kressman Model Agency's Spring Fashion show for Symone's
Girls caked with make-up rushing to their dressing rooms. Managers yelling into bluetooths. Stage directors giving models stage directions. It was all pretty normal by now for Jess Miers. She watched the, what any other person would call ,madness erupt backstage that usually took place when her model agency was involved in a fashion show. She sighed as she got her make-up done by 3 people at the same time;a brush tickling her face, her mascara being done, and her lipstick being lined should all feel familiar by now, but it didn't for some reason.
Things were changing in her personal life that had thrown her off for the last few weeks; She and her little sister Jocelyn had been fighting over little stuff, mostly things Jess had started. This affected Jess at most because Jocelyn was her closest, and only, true friend. But that wasn't it; every since her eldest sister, Tena had been away from home for college, there was no one to seriously relate to, sure Jocelyn was her best friend, but when it came to emotional situations, Tena was the one to talk to.
Jess' dating life wasn't going well either; boys were supposed to want pretty model girls like her, but every relationship she had been in so far ended either because 1; Her and the boy she met never had time to spend together or 2; She soon realized the boy she was with only wanted to be with her for bragging rights. The most recent boy she had met at her college, CAC, which she spent limited time at because of her modeling schedule, had asked her out only so he could convince the whole campus they had slept together. She hoped maybe one day she'd find a nice guy.
"Jessica, darling!" She heard the familiar voice of her manager, Lauren, call after her. By then, the make-up team had left, allowing Jess to stand up in Lauren's presence. "Hey Lauren." Jess found herself speaking in a sentimental tone. "How are you feeling?" Before Jess could convince Lauren she felt fine when really felt like she was a zombie, Lauren spoke.
"You had better feel amazing, hun. 'Cuz this is a big show! Symone's is international, if you don't strut out there with every piece of confidence that you've ever had, you won't be as happy as you already are, ya hear me?"
"Okay." Jess simply replied, not really wanting to make conversation at the moment. Just then, she noticed how Lauren was over looking her body with a slight disgust but somewhat disappointment. Jess tugged down at the dress she was wearing, feeling insecure. "Darling, when was the last time you weighed yourself?" Lauren asked, pushing a side of her short blonde bob behind her ear."Err..last month, what is it?" Lauren shook her head, her mouth slightly open in shock.
"Honey, I don't know what you've been eating over the last month, but you look like you've gained like, 7 pounds! Last time I checked, your thighs weren't that thick and your stomach didn't stick out like that." Lauren pointed out the flaws that Jess didn't even seem to notice. Jess looked down at her body, noticing that she did get a little weight down at her thighs and stomach.

"Darling, just in case you forgot, we are not like other model agencies. We don't tell you to stop eating and all, but we don't tell you to pig out and not keep a good look on your weight either!" Jess felt guilt over come her body. She was pigging out, that ice cream parlor shop visit almost everyday with Jocelyn, the left overs that she usually didn't eat when her mother cooked dinner, the greasy lunch she ate when she found time to attend her CAC classes. All the things that she thought wouldn't harm her, were coming back to haunt her.
"Listen, a good group of friends could help you out. Why don't you stop clinging to that ditzy little sister of yours and start hanging out with the other models like Nancy and Taylor, especially for breakfast, lunch, brunch, supper, and dinner." Jess looked over to the two models who seemed to be a lot skinnier than herself; Nancy, the redhead with endlessly long legs giggled at Taylor, the blonde-blue eyed beauty who had probably cracked a joke to her.
"Ask them after the show if you can tag along with them for dinner. They're probably gonna pick up a salad or something-"
"THE SHOW STARTS IN TWO MINUTES!" Lauren was interrupted by the hollering stage director.
"I gotta go now, darling. Try not to let all that extra jiggle show when it's time to go out, yeah?"Lauren quickly said, running off, leaving Jess, who now felt extremely insecure at the words "Extra jiggle." Jess sighed, trying to block out all the insecurities that ran in her head, and prepped herself for the show.

/After the show/

The applause still rung in her ears as Jess sighed, making her way over to Nancy and Taylor, who were packing up their things, leaving for dinner. As soon as they noticed her approach, they stopped their blabber and waited for her to speak. "Heeyy, I'm Jessica, but you can call me Jess. I was wondering if I could tag along with you for dinner-"Just then, a group of other models came up to Nancy and Taylor, and Jess found herself trapped in a group models talking over each other. "Hey, you wanna go grab like, a salad or something?" She heard Taylor's breathy voice shout over the crowd. Several accepting replies were made, and soon the noisy group had departed.
Jess sighed, walking over to grab her stuff. "Guess I'll have to make a salad at home."

It was 9:30 pm, and Jess had finally made it home. She had been stuck in traffic, trying to ignore the growling sounds her stomach had made every once in a while. "Jess, you're finally here!" Jess heard her sister Jocelyn's perky voice as she made her way downstairs. There Jocelyn stood, in a blue hoodie, black leggings, a pair of Spongebob socks, and her then purple-ish hair pulled into a high pony tail. Even though she was dressed down in a way, she made Jess feel insecure.
"You will not believe what happened with-"
Jess cut Jocelyn off. "Ugghhh Jocelyn, can you not right now? I'm really tired, so if you could just-" Jess made a fanning motion with her hand towards the younger girl. "Scram" as she plopped down on the couch.
"Jeez Louise, what happened at the show?" Jocelyn joined her sister on the couch. Jess almost felt like bursting into tears, spilling every little thing that happened, from Lauren's nasty remarks to Nancy and Taylor rudely ignoring her when she tried to make their acquaintance. But she remembered her sister Aria's advice: Sometimes staying strong is the best thing to do.
"No, I'm just really tired, okay?"
"Oh that ole' 'I'm just really tired.' trick don't work on me." Jocelyn suddenly gasped at remembrance. "Ohhh! You're probably just hungry. Like that Snicker's commercial says 'You're not you when you're hungry!'. But never fear! Mom left you some chicken lasagna and rice in the fridge. I'll warm it up for you." Jess pulled Jocelyn back before she could make her way to the kitchen.
"No, I don't want that dried up chicken lasagna and rice." Jocelyn raised an eyebrow at her older sister.
"But Jess, that's your favorite thing mom cooks!"
"Tonight it isn't. I'm gonna make me a salad so I can head on up to bed."Jess said walking to the kitchen, as Jocelyn followed her.
"A salad?! What are you, a vegetarian now?" Jocelyn exclaimed, sitting on the kitchen isle. "Only if vegetarians don't eat." Jess mumbled, taking a bag of salad out of the refrigerator. Jocelyn must have not heard her because she went onto a different reason why Jess was acting strange. "But you can't cancel movie night! We were gonna watching The Scissoring!"Jocelyn reminded her sister. "Joss, I know that movie back and forth.What makes you think I'm gonna watch it for the ba-jillionth time?" Jess emptied the proceeds of the bagged salad into a bowl
Just then, Jess' brother, Reggie, had entered the kitchen. He had on a black tank top with gray sweat pants, which fit him well. Jess cringed, even her own brother was making her feel insecure. "I'm starved." He yawned, stretching out. "Well, since Jess' turned into a tree hugger, you can have the leftovers we left her."
Reggie turned to his sister once he took the plate out of the refrigerator. "I'm pretty sure she just didn't want the lasagna and rice, I mean mom cooks it like, every week. She's just human, getting tired of the constant."
Jess smirked at her younger brother. Even though he had no idea of the real truth, he sure saved her from Jocelyn's interrogation.
"But she's canceling our movie night!" Jocelyn whined once more. "I need somebody to hold on to for the scary parts of The Scissoring."
"Listen Jocelyn, just go to sleep tonight. Jess just came from work, yeah? I'm pretty sure the last thing she wants to do is hold you during a movie she's seen for the ba-jillionth time."Reggie put the plate in the microwave.
"Fine, but we're watching it tomorrow even if I have to drag you to the couch." Jocelyn jumped off the kitchen isle, heading upstairs. Jess sighed in relief, sticking her head in the refrigerator, looking for a bottle of ranch dressing. "Thanks getting Jossie off my back-" As soon as Jess took her head out of the fridge, she saw her brother's serious face.
"Now what's this really about?"
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